Installation and Activation

Accessing Your Account

After purchasing OxyPowerPack, you will be able to access to the Account section in the OxyPowerPack website. There, you can find your License Key and download the most recent version by clicking the "View Details and Downloads" link in the "Purchases" tab. You will need your license key to activate OxyPowerPack.


Make sure you have Oxygen Builder installed and activated before installing OxyPowerPack. Please refer to the Introduction article to see a list or requirements.

OxyPowerPack is a WordPress plugin and installs like so. Please download the most recent OxyPowerPack version from your account and refer to the Installing Plugins section of the WordPress documentation and follow the "Upload via WordPress Admin" or "Manual Plugin Installation" method.

Once OxyPowerPack is installed and activated, a new settings page will be available in your WordPress dashboard. To access it, click on the "OxyPowerPack" menu item from the left sidebar:

OxyPowerPack Settings

License Activation

In order to receive automatic plugin updates, and to access the OxyPowerPack design set, you must activate your license. Copy your license key from your Account page in the OxyPowerPack site and paste it in the "License Key" text box in the OxyPowerPack dashboard settings page for your site, then click on the "Save License" button.

After activating your copy, the settings page will show a "License Status: ACTIVE" message.