Getting Support

For questions, bug reports, feature requests, greetings or anything else, you can use the support form located inside your Account page, in the support tab.

Support may include help implementing ideas through OxyPowerPack, but for complex stuff or for things that are out of OxyPowerPack scope, I recommend to hire my development services.

Customers may request support directly via Facebook or Twitter, but sometimes messages get lost under tons of conversations. So, I encourage customers to use the support tab in the account page, which is managed via HelpScout and allows for a better support experience.

Refund Policy

The product is offered with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you want your money back and are within the 7 day period after your purchase, use the support form to request your refund. Your license will become invalid immediately after the refund is processed and none of your sites will receive updates.