Maintenance Mode


OxyPowerPack's Maintenance Mode is a powerful feature that allows site owners to temporary deny access to the full site, during maintenance periods or during initial development. With Maintenance Mode turned on, a site owner can set any page as the "coming soon" page, this gives a great advantage over other "coming soon" plugins, because it allows to design the page using Oxygen Builder.

Also, a different coming soon page can be set for each user role, not only logged-out users. This is great for working on live sites, to show a special coming soon page to logged-in subscribers.

Design a Coming Soon page

Before activating the Maintenance Mode, a "coming soon" or "maintenance" page must exist. Create it. You can even create one for each of the user roles that will be blocked from accessing the site.

You can pick one of the sample maintenance pages that are included with OxyPowerPack, please refer to the Designs article to learn how to enable and access the design set:

Access Maintenance Settings

All the Maintenance Mode settings are located on two places: on the OxyPowerPack settings page in the WordPress dashboard, and on the OxyPowerPack drawer inside the Oxygen Builder editor. You can activate and configure the Maintenance Mode from any of these two places.

Maintenance settings in the WordPress dashboard:

Maintenance Settings in the WordPress Dashboard

Maintenance settings inside the Oxygen Builder editor:

Activate Maintenance Mode

To activate the Maintenance Mode, check the "Maintenance Activated" checkbox, select your Maintenance page from the "Logged-Out Users" dropdown (and do the same for any other logged-in user roles you want to be blocked) and click the "Save Settings" button.

In the following example, a page titled "Coming Soon" is set as Maintenance Page for logged out users, and an "Access Blocked Temporarily" titled page is set for subscribers (logged-in users). In this hypothetical case, "Editor", "Author" and "Contributor" roles are not used:

A "Mintenance Mode Active" banner will appear on the WordPress Admin Bar. Click on it to quickly access the OxyPowerPack settings page:

Operating Mode

The Maintenance Mode has two operating modes:

  • Replace the page content (default) - In this mode, the maintenance page will be rendered instead of the page the visitor is requesting.
  • Redirect to maintenance page - In this mode, visitors will be redirected (302 HTTP redirect) to the maintenance page.

Bypass Code and URL

The Bypass URL is a secret URL you can use to share the real version of the website, so the specific visitors that used the special URL will be able to navigate the site for 24 hours. You can change the Bypass code to disable preiously shared secret links.