Elements in OxyPowerPack (also called "Components" or "Custom Components") are functional widgets that you can add to any Oxygen Builder designed post, visually. Most OxyPowerPack elements are built using the Oxygen Builder Elements API but others, like the Timeline are just pre-made content available in the library as part of the included design set.

Please refer to the Elements category to see a list of current elements available with OxyPowerPack.

How to add an OxyPowerPack element

For elements that are part of the design set, follow the instructions in the Designs article. Currently, only the Timeline element in within this category.

The rest of the elements, built with the Oxygen's Elements API, you can add them using the standard Add+ button in the Oxygen Builder, under the "Basics" category:

Alternatively, you can add them using the OxyPowerPack drawer, you'll find them at the right side, in the "Interactivity" tab: