OxyPowerPack comes with an Oxygen Builder Design Set, which is available in the Library and includes full pages and individual building blocks, some of which can be considered an Element, like the Timeline.

Content in the design set is categorized into "niche sites", each of these niche sites is a full page built by several sections, one of which can be added individually to any post or page. To see a list of current niche sites and their content, refer to the Designs category.

Enable the design set.

To be able to use the premade designs, first you have to activate your OxyPowerPack license, otherwise the design set won't appear in your Oxygen Builder library. Once activated, make sure to check the "enable 3rd party design set" option in Oxygen Builder settings, in the Library tab:

Insert a full niche page

Having a blank post or page open in Oxygen Builder, click the "Add+" button, then click on "Library", then "Designs Sets" and scroll down to the "OxyPowerPack Designs" item. Click on it and then select "Pages". A slide panel will appear with the different niche sites available, as well as a few "coming soon" sample pages. Click on any of them to populate your post or page with all the niche site content.

Insert a single section

Just like inserting a full niche page, use the "Add+" button and open the Libary, but in the last step, click on "Sections & Elements" instead of "Pages" and you will see the full list of sections that the different pages include. Click on any of them to add it to your current page.