Parallax Effect

Parallax effect in OxyPowerPack lets you add parallax to several elements on the same page creating a visual illusion of one element moving faster than the other, check the demo here ->

To Enable Parallax Effect in your website, make sure you have both OxyPowerPack and Oxygen Builder installed and activated, now head to OxyPowerPack settings page in WP Dashboard and turn on the 'Parallax Mode Enabled' switch, this will enable 'Parallax Effect' through the website. 

Now let's add Parallax Effect to elements on a Page, we are assuming that you have already created a Page and it has several elements in it. 

Making sure OxyPowerPack in activated on your website:

Head to the page and edit it with Oxygen Builder, after the page loads you will see OxypowerPack Icon at the bottom left side, as show in the image. If you see the OxyPowerPack logo at the bottom then you have OxyPowerPack enabled and we are good to go.

There are two ways to add Parallax Effect to an element:

1. Through Oxygen Builder Interface: Select the element, go the Advanced  → Effects → Parallax Speed and enter the Parallax Speed You want, by default the speed is set to 0. 

2. Through OxyPowerPack Interface: Click on the OxyPowerPack icon at the bottom, it will open all a windows stacked at the bottom, [ refer to image ], in that dock, click on 'parallax speed' 

It will open a small popup, we can mention the desired parallax speed [ refer to the image ]

Understanding the Parallax Speeds:

We have more than 40 levels of Parallax Speeds to configure, 
+10 means the fastest
-10 means the slowest
And 0 means, there is no Parallax Speed.
So experiment with different Speeds to create a great visual effect.